The KemiKings 10 piece Essential Makeup Brushes

The KemiKings 10 piece Essential Makeup Brushes


The KemiKings 10 piece Essential Makeup Brushes for a complete seamless and perfect makeup application. 

Shipping to the United Kingdom Only.


  • Buffer Brush- for flawless and seamless application of powder and foundation. Buff skin to perfection.

  • Stipple Brush- soft airbrush looking foundation application.

  • Powder Brush- Apply veil finishes of powder, blush and bronzer

  • Soft Contour/Blush Brush- soft and precise contour strokes, highlight blending and sweep away excess powder products.

  • Pointed Double Concealer Brush- precise application of concealers, spot conceal smudges/marks.

  • Double Eyeshadow Blending Brush- blend transition colour, darken crease colour, blend harsh lines away.

  • Pencil Brush- pack a punch of colour for easy smoky eye effect. Eye Shader Brush- lay and apply eyeshadow colours on the lids.

  • Double Liner Brush- easy brow sculpting and the perfect eyeliner flick.

  • Lip Brush- long lasting, perfect and precise lipstick/ gloss application.


How to Clean & Care for Brushes

1. Use a drop of mild baby shampoo/ washing up liquid soap.

 2. Swirl brushes in the soap and wash gently.

 3. Rinse off all soap suds and ensure water does not seep into the golden ferrule.

 4. Lay brushes flat to dry and reshape the brush hairs. 

5. Once dry, brushes are ready to use.

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